Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hotel, Motel and Rest House in Rangamati, Bangladesh

Rangamati is a beautiful Place for the tourist full fill with Natural beauty, a lot of Hills and Green forest makes Rangamati more attractive to the tourist. There are more number of Hotel, Motel and Rest House Present in Rangamati for the visitors. I am sharing some of Hotel, Motel and Rest House Name and their address for your better journey. Keep discovering.................................................................

Name of the Premise
Phone Numbers
Hotel Sufia International
Fishery Ghat, Kathaltoli, Rangamati
Hotel Green Castle
Reserve Bazar, Rangamati
Motel George
College Gate, Rangamati
Hotel Al-Moba
New Bus Station, Reserve Bazar, Rangamati
Hotel Mountain View
Siddhi Bhaban, Parjatan Sarak, Rangamati
Hotel Dignity
Kalindipur, Rangamati

Hotel Shapla
New Court Building, Rangamati Sadar, Rangamati
Hotel Raju
New Bus Station, Reserve Bazar, Rangamati
Hotel Dreamland
New Court Building Road, Rangamati

Needs Hill View
Banarupa, Rangamati

There are some Government Hotel, Motel and Rest House available for the tourist. I am also sharing there name and address also. 

Name of the Premise
Managing Authority
Address of the Premise
Phone Number
Circuit House
The District Council of Rangamati
Vedvedi, Amanatbag, Rangamati
Forest Department Rest House
Forestry Department
Banarupa, Rangamati
LGED Rest House
Local Government Engineering Department
T&T Area, Besides the Rangamati-Chittagong Highway, Rangamati
USAI Rest House
Tribal Cultural Institute
Vedvedi, Amanatbag, Rangamati
District Council Rest House
Rangamati Hill Tracts District Council
Public Health Area, Rangamati
Agricultural Department Rest House
Agricultural Extension Department
Tribal Adam, Banarupa, Rangamati
Power Development Board (PDB) Rest House
Bangladesh Power Development Board
Champaknagar, Rangamati
BSCIC Rest House
Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC)
Rangamati Stadium Area, Rangamati
Parjatan Holiday Complex
Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation
Tabalchari Deer Park, Rangamati

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Hotel, Motel and Rest House in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Now there are Hundred of Hotel, Motel and Rest House are available in Cox's Bazar for the visitors. Apart from that several are 5 star hotel where all type of facility available for the foreign visitors. List of Hotels are given below:

Five Star Hotels (*****)

Long Beach Hotel.
Seagull Hotel.
Hotel Sea Place Limited.
Hotel Sea Crown.
Royal Bay Regal Place Hotel & Resort.
Hotel Coral Reef.
Uni Resort.
White Orchid.
Hotel Coastal Peace.
Fu Wang Dominous Resort.
Resort Istandia.
Ocean Paradise Hotel.
Hotel Oasis.

Three star Hotels (***)

Hotel Mishuk.
Uni Resort Ltd.
Hotel Kollol.
Hotel Coral Reef.
Nitol Bay Resort.
Hotel OVISAR (PVT) Ltd.
Silvia Resort.
Renaissance the Grand Hotel.
Resort Beach View.

Standard Hotels/ Guest Houses:

Hotel Sea Park.
Sugandha Guest House.
Honeymoon Resorts.
Urmee Guest House.
Diamond Place Guest House.
Mohammadia Guest House.
Sea Hill Guest House.
Lemis Resort.
Motel Cox Inn.
Zia Guest House.
Blue Ocean Guest House.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Picture Gallery of Foys Lake

Foys Lake: A Natural Beauty in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Foy's Lake is a man-made Lake in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It was created in 1924 by constructing a dam across the stream that came down from the hills in the northern part of Chittagong. The purpose of creating an artificial lake was to provide water to the residence of railway colony. It was named after Mr Foy who was a Railway engineer and believed to materialized the project. Pahartali was basically a railway town with workshop, yard and shed. A good number of railway employees lives there. Presently, a carriage workshop, diesel workshop, loco shed, laboratory, stores, electric workshop, school (established in 1924) are located.
The area belongs to Railway. However, an amusement park, managed by the Concord group, is located here. It is very beautiful place in foys lake. Every day may visitors from Home and abroad visits in Foys Lake to see the beauty of Foys Lake.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Malonicora Tea Garden: Sylhet, Bangladesh (মালনীছড়া চা বাগান: সিলেট)

 The Sylhet Division produces most of Bangladesh'sTea yield. There are many Tea garden situated in the sylhet division. Malonicora Tea Garden is one of them. It has huge natural beauty along with tea garden. There is several small hill around the tea garden. Generally we know Sylhet is a Hilly area. The hill and Tea garden makes that area more beautiful. Every year Many people from home and abroad visited this Malonicora tea garden.

Friday, October 24, 2014

ZAFLONG, SYLHET: A beautiful location for the tourist

Jaflong is one of the most adventurous tourist spots in Sylhet division. It contains awesome natural  During the rainy season torrents of water can be seen gushing down the mountain forming small waterfalls. Visitors also see an enormous beautiful waterfall on the way of Sylhet to Jaflong. Jaflong is totally a hilly area of real natural beauty where hills are greenish with the forests. Lots of wild animal lives in this forest, so you need to be careful to enter in the forest. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sonadia Island: A beautiful island in bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar is a popular place in Bangladesh and each year uncountable visitors visits to its shore. It boasts with having the world longest widest sandy beach and is always brightly decorated in beach umbrellas and relaxing visitors. Besides of its coast, there is a small island name ‘’Sonadia’’ Island. This island is mainly used by the fisher man for fishing.  ''Sonadia'' Island is rich in nature and attractiveness.
During the winter fishermen from different place of country return to the island to fish of its shore and make temporary shelter and living houses for the duration of their stay. 

the Asian Water bird Conservation Fund has been doing extensive research and surveys of ''Sonadia'' Island Since about 2006 in regard to the bird type found on the island. They have been working closely with local communities to fight poaching and unlawful confine of the birds by outsiders who come to the island and make  traps for birds. the Asian Water bird Conservation Fund have recorded an estimated 52 type of  bird on the island, including resident and traveling birds. 

Tourist will be able to find some wonderful sea shells on the beaches along the western side of the island and in the northern waters. Visitors will be able to see the apparently endless beds filled with windowpane oysters. ''Sonadia'' Island is a natural paradise, with beauty around every corner.

You Can also visit this island to watch the beauty of ‘’Sonadia’’ Island, Bangladesh