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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sari : ''Jamdani'' from Dhaka Bangladesh

                                                  JAMDANI, SARI

Jamdani Palli is a village of Narayanganj district under Tarabo pouroshova of Rupganj Thana, Naraynganj District is very popular and traditional area of Bangladesh. That area is known as a BISIC Nagari. That nagari is the big area for jamdani Shari all over Bangladesh. After crossing the Kanchpur Bridge, by the way of shylhet road, after 3 km. the jamdani palli is situated. The name of that area is noapara under Tarabo pouroshava of Rupganj Thana. There are number of plot is 460 in that palli. And the huge number of Textile mills is running in that area. The environment is very commercial and busy. According to the agreement between BISIC and artisans of jamdani, the period of living is 100 years. People of Jamdani palli weave jamdani and sell them around Bangladesh. They run their lives by weaving jamdani.

The main fetish of jamdani work is the geometric design. The experts weavers do not need to illustrate the design on paper. All they do it from their won memory. Jamdani have varius names according to their designs.

1.   A jamdani with small flowers diapered on the fabric is known as 'BUTIDAR'.

2.   If these flowers are arranged in reclined position it is called 'TERSA' jamdani.

3.   It is not essential that these designs are made of flowers only. There can be designs with peacocks and leaves of creepers . If such designs cover the entire field of the sari, it is called 'JALAR NAKSHA'.

4.   If the field is covered with rows of flowers, it is known as 'FULWAR JAMDANI'.

5.   'DURIA JAMDANI' has design of spots all over.

6.   'Belwari jamdani' with colorful golden borders used to be made during the mughal period,especially for the women of the inner court.

At present, brides like sporting jamdani sarees for 'gaye holud' operate.Earlier, brides accustomed wear solely yellow sarees. But now, they opt for varied colours of jamdani sarees.

The demand for jamdani sarees is increasing day by day. Because, currently several brides opt for jamdani sari as their wedding outfit. For wedding outfit brides opt for colourful and lovely jamdani sari with the work of golden or silver jari. Brides conjointly like easy jamdani sarees with none zari for his or her wedding outfit.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Where to stay in Bali

Bali, Indonnesia is a most beautifull attractive location for the tourist. Before going to Bali you must plan where to stay in Bali. What is your favourite hotes to stay in night? you must confirm first you hotel. Here are some hotels name are given for your better guideline. The list of 5 stars hotels are give below. Just Click on the link below go to the website and book your desire hotels and rooms.

Mulia Resort Nusa Dua

Ayodya Resort

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa

TS Suites Bali and Villas

Marriott’s Autograph Collection, The Stones Hotel, Bali

Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel

Grand Inna Kuta

Legian Beach Hotel

Marriott’s Autograph Collection, The Stones Hotel, Bali

Kuta Beach : A beautiful sea beach in Bali, Indonesia

                            KUTA BEACH, BALI 

Kuta is administratively a neighborhood (kecamatan) and subdistrict/village (kelurahan) in southern Bali. A former fishing village, it had been one amongst the primary cities on Bali to examine substantial traveller development, and as a beach resort remains one amongst Indonesia's major traveller destinations. it's celebrated internationally for its long sandy beach, varied accommodation, several restaurants and bars, and lots of noted surfers UN agency visit from Australia. it's situated close to Bali's Nagurah Rai airfield.  

The Bahasa Provincial Government have taken the read that the preservation of the Bahasa culture, natural resources and life ar of primary importance within the development of the island. to the current finish they need restricted traveller development to the dry land on the acute southern facet of the island; Kuta beach is on the western aspect of this dry land and sanur is on the east. To the north of the dry land no new traveller development is purportedly allowable.  To the south, Kuta Beach extends on the far side the airfield into Jimbaran. different close cities and villages embrace Seseh (6.4 nautical mile), Denpasar (4.5 nautical mile), Ujaung (1.8 nautical mile), pesangaran (2.0 nautical mile), Kedonganan (2.9 nautical mile) and Tuban (1.0 nautical mile).

Kuta Beach could be a beach situated in Kuta. The beach has been notable since early Seventies. Kuta beach is additionally called Sunset Beach, as opposition the Sunrise Beach, another name for Sanuar Brach. Luxury resorts, restaurants, and clubs ar situated on the beach.

In 2011, a two-meter white arenaceous rock fence, inbuilt a Bahasa design vogue, was designed on the road to dam the sand from processing to the cafes and restaurants. The project costed Rp.4 billion ($0.47 million). Some tourists dislike it because it is taken into account block the beach read, whereas some others believe the wall helps dampen the sounds from the engorged traffic street. to create the beach cleaner, as these days August 11, the vendors ar prohibited to sell food at the Kuta Beach, however they're still allowed to sell beverages and souvenirs. 

Kuta is mentioned in "I've Been To Bali Too", the one by Australian folks band Redgum from their 1984 album “Frontline”. it's conjointly home to associate degree Indonesian rock-and-roll band ” Superman is Dead rock-and-roll band” most renowned for its English song "Kuta Rock City".

kauai : hawaii beach in Hawaii Island

                          Hawaii Insland

Are you within the method of coming up with a family vacation to Hawaii? If you're, congratulations. all told honesty, you're probably giving your kid or youngsters the expertise of a time period. several families square measure currently lucky if they even get to require a yearly family vacation and plenty of a lot of realize themselves staying nearer to home, however you're giving your kid the chance to expertise the wonder, land, and culture of Hawaii! As fun because the initial excitement are, you'll shortly ought to begin creating your travel arrangements.

When it involves leisure in Hawaii, you'll realize that you simply have variety of various choices, particularly wherever your nightlong accommodations square measure involved. If you're like several alternative travelers, you'll want to remain on the beach. Hawaii beach accommodations square measure extremely asked for, however there's a vital purpose that you simply should initial take into thought. that time is your youngsters. There square measure variety of professionals and cons to booking a reside a terra firma rental whereas on a family vacation. some of these professionals and cons, additionally as some useful tips square measure highlighted below for your convenience.

One of the numerous professionals or and sides to booking a reside a Hawaii beach accommodation, sort of a Hawaii house, is that the expertise that you simply and your family can get. As antecedently declared, several families square measure lucky if they're able to take a family vacation annually, as well as keep on the coast of Hawaii. in spite of the age of your kid or youngsters, they'll probably be transfixed with the read they're supplied with. In fact, it is, literally, an image good memory that may probably stick with them for years to return. As a parent, there's nothing higher than providing your youngsters with the expertise of a time period.

Your choices square measure another one amongst the numerous professionals or and sides to staying on the beach for your next trip to Hawaii. What several people don't understand is that Hawaii beach accommodations are available variety of various formats. Of course, you'll be able to book a reside a Hawaii terra firma vacation resort or a terra firma edifice, however those don't seem to be your solely choices. personal terra firma vacation rentals are out there and that they are available the shape of condos, villas, cottages, and lodging rentals. once deciding wherever you'd wish to keep, keep the scale of your family in mind. Vacation villas, cottages, and alternative personal home rentals square measure ideal for giant family vacations or perhaps simply little families seeking privacy.

Although there square measure variety of professionals or and sides to booking a reside a Hawaii beach accommodation, it's conjointly necessary to look at the cons or the downsides to doing therefore. With family vacations, one amongst those downsides will be safety. therewith in mind, don’t mechanically write off Hawaii beach accommodations, as there square measure variety of necessary factors that you simply can initial need to require into thought. for instance, if your kid or youngsters square measure teenagers, they're a lot of able to wander around your rental property unattended while not golf shot themselves in an exceedingly dangerous state of affairs, as hostile younger youngsters, like toddlers and preschoolers. Distance to the ocean ought to even be examined. several personal rental house owners have their homes positioned a secure distance far from the water and plenty of even install privacy or safety fences, reducing the danger for younger youngsters.

Should you conceive to book a reside a Hawaii beach accommodation, sort of a Hawaii terra firma house, make sure to stay an eye fixed on your youngsters in any respect times. this can be significantly necessary if your youngsters square measure young in age. in spite of age, make sure to ascertain ground rooms, regarding the water or deed the rental place general unattended. If safety may be a massive concern of yours, think about booking a reside a Hawaii vacation rental that merely provides you with AN ocean read, as hostile a terra firma rental.

As you'll be able to see, there square measure a lot of professionals than cons to staying on the beach for your next family vacation. all told honesty, use your best judgment and you'll see that you simply and your family, in spite of your children’s age, will safely vacation all along the beach.

Tourism : Attractive Place for the tourist in Philipine

                                           Tourism In Philippines

Philippines is an exotic tourist destination in Southeast Asia, and offers some interesting places in the world. Philippine state has an overall area of ​​300,000 square kilomter, and consists of 7,107 islands (7108 at low tide) are dazzling. The country is famous for its beautiful islands, beaches and stunning volcanoes, as well as wildlife and exotic dive sites. Luzon, Visayas and Midanao is a major island groups in the country. The main island of Luzon is located in the most northern Philippines, as well as being the largest island there. The island is adorned by views of mountains, lakes, caves and islands and beautiful white sandy beaches. Manila, the capital of the Philippines located on the east coast of the island of Luzon. Manila was established in 1571, on the ruins of Muslim settlement. In this city, there Banyat very interesting sights, such as Intramuros, Rizal Park, Malacanang Palace, Fort Santiago, Malate and Ermita, Japanese Garden, Museo Pambata, Bahay Tsinoy, Archdiocesan Museum of Manila, Palcio del Gobernator, as well as several attractions Another interesting. Intramuros (Walled City) is a famous walled city built in the Spanish colonial period. At this resort, you will be treated to the castle, churches, monasteries, homes, schools and other government buildings are still a Spanish style. The oldest area of ​​the city is protected by a few large wall that is still strong, despite the fighting in World War II never happened here. Here also are San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral located on 2072 square kilometers (800 square miles) from the port and the ruins of Fort Santiago. In the district of Binondo, outside of Intramuros and Chinatown, there are plenty of shops and restaurants. Rizal Park or Luneta also called, is a park dedicated to Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. There, tourists can enjoy the show and sounds depicting impressivelight execution Philippines by the Spanish hero. The park is also often used as a concert venue and a variety of social events, political meetings and religious, as well as a children's playground. Malacanang palace is one of the most historic in the Philippine infrastructure. This place is the official residence of the chief executive is the highest in the country since yahun 1863. Located next to the Pasig River, it was a summer lodge for governor Spain during the early 1800s. Some parts of the palace was used as a museum and opened to the public. Another type is the famous Philippine shores. White Beach, Boracay Island is one of the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world. Alona Beach in Panglao which populerl famous for its exotic beaches. Cebu, Panglao, Pamilacan in Bohol Balicasang and is also famous as a popular diving spot in the Philippines and enchanting. 

s worth Login Vacation Agenda FOR any small country, like the Philippines, the tourism industry potentially bring in foreign exchange. Moreover, the country has some wonderful destinations and marine features that should be enjoyed. Here are some simple magic that you can encounter when traveling to the Philippines, as quoted Journeyetc: 

Boracay Boracay white sand beaches along four kilometers has become a popular small island in the Philippines, maybe even the whole Asia. Many travelers testified no one can beat the smoothness of the white sand here. This small island is also famous among surfers. What makes this island popular among tourists is the accessibility. The place is very close to the island of Panay, which means that travelers can enjoy direct flights to the Big Island and a short boat trip to Boracay. 

Taal Volcano Taal Volcano is the largest island in the world who are in the middle of a lake, which is also an island. Currently, Taal Volcano is one of the most beautiful scenery this country. If we dig deep into the history, Taal Volcano has actually killed more than 5,000 people mountain erupted. Taal Lake, which surrounds the volcano, is home to the endemic fish of the Philippines. The lake is also known to contain high sulfate. 

Banaue 'rice terraces' If you admire the pyramids of Egypt and the Taj Mahal makes you want to cry, you do not have to feel lost when in the Philippine rice terraces. Fiilpina not only spectacular with giant monuments, but a tourist attraction located in Central Luzon is also the largest man-made structure in the world that are not made of hard labor. This rice field 'carved' out of the hills by the Ifugao community, and has been for more than 3,000 years ago. To this day, this place continues to be a source of livelihood for many people in this area. 

Sulu Sea: Tubbataha reefs Unknown to many people, there are coral reefs in the Philippines that could rival the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The coral reef is located in the middle of the Sulu Sea and consists of two coral islands that are home to more than 400 species of fish and 300 species of coral. Because it is so far from civilization, this is one of the most well-maintained parks at sea country. Not surprisingly, the park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. 

Bohol: Chocolate hills Bohol is not only known for its beautiful beaches. The place is also home to the brown mountains in the Philippines. There are more than 1,200 hills, covering more than 50 square kilometers of land. It is a limestone hill with an almost perfect cone shape. Many scientists who have studied it believe that these hills are man-made. However, there is no clear evidence about the origins of these hills to be made as beautiful as it was until now. 

Mayon volcano Some say that Mount Mayon is a gift from God to the Philippines. Although beautiful, we must note that this is one of the most deadly volcano in the world because it erupted more than 50 times since 1600 and killed 77 people in 1993. 

Puerto Princessa: underground river For most people, the fact that the underground river is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is enough to make them want to go there. If you need more convincing, this destination has been voted New7 Wonders of Nature. Puerto Princessa Subterranean River to be the longest in the world, reaching 8.2 kilometers. Unfortunately, only 2 kilometers that can be accessed by the public. However, you can enjoy the scenery while cruising on the banks of this river, which is also surrounded by a national park that made the trip really enjoyable. You can see many native island species, including parrots, monkeys, and lizards. 

El Nido in Palawan El Nido in Palawan is an island, one of the three most popular destinations for tourists, along with Coron and Puerto Princessa. El Nido is included in the list of world's top tourist destinations. Its proximity to the dive Coron is also a distinct advantage. Coron is known for making scuba diving accident in this area so attractive. El Nido is also home to archaeological treasures which proves that there are people who inhabit the island of 22,000 years ago. 

Batanes Province of Batanes is the northernmost part of the Philippines. It is also the smallest province in the north, and is located between Luzon and Taiwan. Tourists want to go here because of the cold weather and its rich culture. Virtually no crime was reported on the island, so you can very safely traveled in this place. 

Mall of Asia While this is not an island or destination for tourists to spend their entire vacation, Mall of Asia, as the name suggests, one of the largest malls in Asia. Predicate is only surpassed by two big malls in China. The mall is even much larger than the Mall of America, and 10 percent larger than the West Edmonton Mall. Mall of Asia has four buildings linked by air routes open.

Discover world of Warcraft and Learn Tips on how to Make Gold ~ WoW Farming

Discover world of Warcraft and Learn Tips on how to Make Gold ~ WoW Farming

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

trekking : How to ride on the Hill

Trekking (Backpacking)

Backpacking (Trekking) is the outdoor recreation of carrying gear on one's back, while hiking  for more than a day. It is often but not always an extended journey,and may or may not involve camping  outdoors. In North America tenting is common, while simple shelters and mountain huts found widely in Europe are rare. In New Zealand, tramping, is an equivalent term though overnight huts are frequently used. Hill walking is the equivalent in Britain, though backpackers make use of all kinds of accommodation, in addition to camping. Backpackers use simple huts in South Africa.Similar terms used in other countries are trekking and bushwalking. Trekking as a method of travel is a different activity, which mainly utilizes local transport during a journey which can last months.

Backpacking camps are usually more spartan than campsites where gear is transported by car or boat. In areas with heavy backpacker traffic, a hike-in campsite might have a fire ring  (where permissible), an outhouse , a wooden bulletin board with a map  and information about the trail and area. Many hike-in camps are no more than level patches of ground free of underbrush. In remote windiness areas hikers must choose their own site. Established camps are rare and the ethos is to "leave no trace" when gone.

Backpacking gear begins with a suitable backpack , proper both in size and fit. Next is clothing and footwear appropriate for expected conditions. Third is an adequate amount and type of food. Fourth is some form of sleep system (typically a sleeping bag and perhaps a foam pad). Fifth is some amount of survival gear, once again appropriate to the planned trip and skill-level of the backpacker. After that, everything is optional.

A shelter appropriate to expected conditions is typically next. Practical items not already mentioned - cook kit, stove, container for water, a means of purifying it - are characteristically but not always taken in some form. (Depending on the trip ready-to-eat foods may suffice and suitable water be found along the way. More minimalist backpackers find ways to do with less, those willing to carry more do.)

Weight is always critical. A rule of thumb suggests a fully loaded backpack should weigh no more than 25% of a person's weight. Every single item is scrutinized, many removed the first time a pack is hefted. Lightweight gear is widely available, which may or may not sacrifice utility and durability but will always cost more. A wide variety utilizing carbon fiber, lightweight alloys, specialty plastics, and impregnated fabrics is available.

Proper hydration is critical to successful backpacking. Depending on conditions - which include weather, terrain, load, and the hiker's age and fitness - a backpacker needs anywhere from 2 to 8 litres (1/2 to 2 gallons), or more, per day. At 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) per 1 litre (1.1 US qt). water is exceptionally heavy. It is impossible to carry more than a few days' supply.

Backpacking is energy intense. It is essential enough food is taken to maintain both energy and health. As with gear, weight is critical. Consequently, items with high food energy, long shelf life , and low mass and volume deliver the most utility. Satisfaction is another consideration, of greater or lesser importance to all hikers. Only they can decide whether it's worth the effort (and trade-off against other gear) to carry fresh, heavy, or luxury food items. The shorter the trip and easier the conditions the more feasible such treats become.

In all cases, both kit and fuel necessary to prepare and serve foodstuffs selected is part of the equation. Small liquid and gas fueled camp stoves  and ultralight cooking pots are the norm. Increasingly campfires are prohibited.

While most backpackers consume at least some specially prepared foods, many mainly rely on ordinary low moisture household items, such as cold cereal, oatmeal, powdered milk, cheese, crackers, sausage, salami, dried fruit, peanut butter, pasta, rice, and commercially packaged dinner entrees.

Backpacking During Winter

Winter backpacking requires a higher level of skill and generally more specialized gear than in other seasons. Snow shows or skis may be required to traverse deep snow, orcrampons and an Ice Axe where needed. Winter sleeping bags and tents are essential, as are waterproof, water-repellent, and moisture dissipating materials. Cotton clothing retains moisture and chills the body, both particularly dangerous in cold weather. Winter backpackers stick to wool or synthetic fabric like nylon or polypropylene, which hold less moisture and often have specialized wicking properties to dissipate sweat generated during aerobic activities. Layering is essential, as wet clothes quickly sap body heat and can lead to frostbite or hypothermia.